"where the grass whispers" |2020

artist’s book 
indian ink and ecoline on a hebrew book,
cover in bookbinder fabric

Book of the work process of the exhibition with the same name,
where contemporary civilizational conflicts are presented.
Through the drawings symbolic and fabled elements of a Dantesco
underworld reveal psychological and social aspects of the times we live in.
The use of allegory allowed the freedom to create meanings
without having to refer directly to the real world.

photo by marta ribeiro

"why do you hide in the black bushes" | 2019

artist´s book
indian ink and ecoline in a old and used papper made,
cover in bookbinder fabric with linocut print

There was a time of big bushes dying in disarray
A time of fire in which even the shadows were forced to emigrate
There was a time as shallow as the ground where all men and women
Lined up like the beasts on their way to the great slaughter
They were just extras for the great flood procession
It was a rarefied time of smiles a time of cut wrists
Dreams lived hidden under the floor (...)

photo by marta ribeiro

“silvestre” | 2019

silkscrenn | tissue (cover)
litographie | canson edition 250grs (core)
60 cm x 16 cm

Silvestre is the title of the fourth artist book resulting from the character Ed Gar.
Presents the first encounter between Ed Gar and his alter ego - Silvester (the cat).

photo by  ceci de f 

“ed gar exemplary education” | 2010

etching handbookbinding,
cover printed in bookbinder tissue, linocut,
inside printed in canson edition 250 gr. 100% cotton

This is the title of the first book resulting from the first etchings of the character I’ve been developing over the last 13 years. This book presents all the characters in this plot: Edgar, the silent and static child who does not grow, Silvestre, Edgar's alter-ego cat, his accomplice and companion and the seven aunts whose only sense of existence is to give him the more exemplary education. Everything moves around him, in a dizzying sense of an endless story. It is through the sequence of images and the diversity of interpretations of each “reader” that the first objective assessment of this story emerges. At that moment, I recognize the character and begin to walk the path between what I want to express and its reproduction in the printed image.

© Ana Torrie | 1oo Vintém