“ed garpa”
cooperativa árvore, casa da imagem, museu júlio dinis| 2018/2020
performance / artist residence
puppets and prints
photo by jp narciso

photos by jp narciso

performance (video excerpt) | 2018

video by luís costa

The project EdGarpa emerge from an artist residence between a printmaker Ana Torrie, a composer João Guimarães, a Harpist Angelica Salvi, a theatre director Ricardo Alves, a sculptor Carlos Pinheiro, a costume designer Irene Loureiro and two puppeteers Doris Marcos and Tommy Hughes. 

Bringing together these artists with consolidated experience in the different areas involved, with a broad vision, but converging in the taste of books, graphic and scenic arts and music.

They involved in the narrative of the images of the book Silvestre by Ana Torrie and create musical compositions that illustrated the book with subjectivity and multiplicity of readings, thus creating a new format. A multidisciplinary performance that combines music, puppets and printmaking.


© Ana Torrie | 1oo Vintém